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At Live2Teach Tutoring, we have Ontario Certified Teachers and instructors proficient in their specific subject areas. Our teachers work One-on-One with your child using the Ontario Curriculum. Our sessions are conducted in our centre following active COVID-19 protocols and online with a live Tutor.


We start with a Free Diagnostic Assessment which assesses your child's needs and learning gaps. Given our findings, we work with your child to fill in his/her specific needs.

We use several manipulatives and resources to aid in our differentiated instruction while catering to our multiple intelligences.


Our sessions are highly productive, enjoyable and engaging at the same time. We specialize in…

  • K - Gr.12 curriculum

  • GED programs for adults

  • Enrichment

  • Sp. Ed

  • ADHD

  • ESL (English as a Second Language)

  • French

  • Italian

  • SSAT

  • EQAO


  • CAT-4

Live 2 Teach
Live 2 Teach

Our Commitment

We also run several workshops such as Live2Read, Live2Write, Live2DoMath and Live2Teach Plus which accelerates students’ in class or online learning within a short period of time. Live2Teach Tutoring is committed in helping students and adults who struggle with or need to improve their academic skills while building self confidence. At Live2Teach Tutoring and Education Centre We Really Do Live2Teach, which also gives an impetus to appreciation and love for learning.

Our Vision

Our vision is based upon a strong belief that students can succeed in school, given the appropriate support, inspiration, and tools. We believe that tutors play an intricate role in student success. Their job is to observe how your child is progressing, then present each student with strategies to learn more effectively.

We aim to reach children at the outset of their academic experience and impart valuable learning strategies and problem-solving skills. We believe it will boost their confidence, motivation, and academic success and help them grow in their everyday life.

Live 2 Teach

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